Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sharon / BeerBeary from Malaysia - Lenglui #63

Name: Sharon / BeerBeary
About: Out of no where, this hot looking girl, Sharon or better known as BeerBeary recently appeared on YouTube since April 8th 2010. Ever since, she has posted several short videos, mainly all about beers. You can tell that she's a Malaysian from her Malaysian Cantonese accent, I gotta admit, she's pretty hot with the sweet cute personality!

Why is her video popular? I don't think it's the beer topic that most guys are interested at, more of the sweet looking face and the low cut cleavage showing dress. Indeed, those elements probably made her an instant fame in YouTube with hundreds of subscribers within a short period of time. An example of viral marketing, use a hot looking girl that shows cleavage + YouTube, good work Jaz Beer!

Only the best of Sharon is available here, all filtered by If you have more information about her, do drop us a comment down here.

Jul 2010 Sharon has finally uploaded a new episode after went missing for a period of time! In episode 4, she'll show you how to freeze a Jaz beer in seconds with her ever sunny personality.

Aug 2010 Another new episode from Sharon challenging you to bottoms-up a bottle of beer in less than 11seconds.

Sept 2010 In episode 6, Sharon introduces her new side-kick, Stephanie who speaks in English. Stephanie will be showing us how to brew beer at home? Wait the minute, isn't that suppose to be illegal?!

Dec 2010 Sweet looking Stephanie continues showing us how to brew fresh beer without Sharon around. Where's Sharon?!

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